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Jordanne & Lillith: “What these two do on their own time is these two own business, these two shall not reveal any plans that these two have to the grey flesh wearers…Catching prey is these two purpose for living….anything that wears flesh…or anything that stands in these two way will fall…Our huntress speaks not to any but her own kind…and us…leave us be…theses two must make preparations for the journey to come…” 

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"hello creatures of the night!" Niel smiled and bled "I am Demonhunter Niel! Protector to my queen and king of my people! who might you be?"



Jordanne & Lillith: “This one dares taint our presence with his heathen blood…We will not tolerate such impudence…leave us flesh wearer…or these two shall release the flesh huntress upon you…”

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Asks are officially open!


Ask away!

My new Minecraft ask blog is officially taking asks now! Dont be afraid to ask them anything!

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"I am the huntress of flesh, queen of shadows, and evil steed…fear my bite, fear my fangs, for my hiss is as venomous as my bite…~"

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"Darkness is our ally, Fear our friend, hatred our master, destruction our lover…run little adventurer…run…for we are your doom…"

Hey go and show some love to my new Minceraft blog! With only my most creepy Mobs! c:

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Ah minecraft you call me back and take hold of my life so easily…

Anyways this is my new Ender Colossus Golem ((from the FarLanders Mod)) he name is Sheena and she is one block taller than the average Ender Colossus Golem so she stands 5 blocks tall ((15 feet tall)) and yes her horns are mismatched in size, that is a slight defect other than her size.

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The RT/AH fandom is slowly taking over more and more tumblr posts and I love it

Okay, seriously. Who is Gavin?

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"My bark is as bad as my bite"

((booty butt))

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Inspired by mayadile, I decided that my own monster-self needed a desperate makeover and well im a glutton and a hot head so mouths and steam it is~ ((also no eyes cause im blinder than a bloody bat))

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Work In Progress, candy girl Pt 2